Our Vision

Give Back!

Give Back

The Founder & CEO Ceret K, has been blessed with the gift of giving. With an attitude of always wanting to do more, she decided to create a brand that could help support teens that are less fortunate. Styled In Grace is committed to giving back a minimum of 15% from all sales to help fund the charity or organization of choice.


The Grace Collection

Every Quarter Styled In Grace will partner up with an organization and create a product to help raise money for their cause .


The Grace Scholars

This scholarship will give aid to kids from any state. The importance of this program to prevent teens from turning to streets, the use of drugs , or from dropping out of school because they don't have the funds needed to participate in extracurricular activities . No kid ever wants to feel like they're left behind . Th e Grace Scholars program will help students attend field trips, fees to be part of organizations such basketball teams, soccer, music classes, dance classes, and art to name a few. There are requirements for receiving this scholarship that will be available to review once funds become available.


The Grace Meal Plan

The Grace Meal Plan will be an outreach ministry that will hit the block to feed the homeless throughout the year . We will partner up with other organizations to help during the holiday season, natural disasters and to also assist the local schools with affordable meal plans, so no child will have to go without eating.

Covered In Grace

Covered In Grace is a back to school program that provides school uniforms to children in need . This program will also partner with local shelters, families in need, the homeless and International Charities to provide clothing for all ages.


Boxed In Grace

Donate a box of love full of goodies and letters to help encourage someone to push through their situation. The program will be launched globally.


Let's Become Partners:


We can’t do it alone, but together we can make a difference in someone 's life. Even if you don’t purchase from us, we challenge you to build your home and community towards a better lifestyle so we can truly experience heaven on earth.


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